Bowen technique

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Marti 12 mai 201519:00 - 21:00

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Bowen technique
Ce ?
Bowen technique: holistic manual therapy from Australia
If you wonder what is a holistic therapy, you are going to learn the basics of the Bowen therapy.
It is soft, it is effective and it is aimed to cure not only one symptom but the whole body.
During this workshop, my challenge is to present you the working processes of this technique,
then to make a demonstration (on one lucky volunteer), so you will discover how I proceed in a therapy session,
and then I will perform a short session on all the participants wanting to give it a try, so you will be able to feel the technique process by yourself.

After this workshop you will have more knowledge about this holistic healing technique, as well as another step into healthy life style and prevention.
Cu cine?
My name is Johann Briand, I am a holistic therapist using Bowen technique as well as food - and nutrition - to help people getting better. And it works really well!
After a few years of practice I realized that I kept teaching people, and patients, almost about the same things about how to eat and how to cook in order to get to a healthier life. And I would love to not keep it only for sick persons, but also for curious ones.
As I discovered healthy cooking for myself, it became a curiosity and then a passion: everything I can add to everyday cooking is another opportunity to reach a tasty, yet healthy, life-style for any family.
I believe that it all starts with educating, experimenting and sharing.

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