Country of Colours: a South Africa-inspired creative workshop on diversity

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Duminica 25 octombrie 201519:00-21:00

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Country of Colours: a South Africa-inspired creative workshop on diversity
Ce ?
South Africa has become popularly known as “the rainbow nation” because of its vast array of cultures, eleven official languages (unofficially, there are even more) and the resulting vibrant collection of colours, tastes, customs, sounds and identities. Also, given the country's history of Apartheid and racial discrimination, understanding and embracing diversity is a vital and constant concern. Inspired by South Africa, this workshop highlights the theme of diversity through story-telling, sound and creative expression.

In the workshop we will:
explore multicultural exchange and dialogue across (social, cultural, geographical, linguistic) borders;
reflect on what it means to be the Other, and to encounter or welcome the strange(r);
celebrate the differences that enrich us and the similarities that connect us.
Cu cine?
Deidre Denise Matthee is a South African psychologist specializing in narrative and performative methods. Having worked as a lecturer and community arts practitioner in South Africa, she moved to Portugal in 2005, where she founded GATA (Group for Activism and Transformation through Art) and Picara* (creative workshops). In 2014 she became a founding member of bird-shaped theatre, an international company doing participatory theatre based in Romania – and because she loves the art of transformation, she moved again, to Bucharest, where she currently lives.
Duminică@incubator107 , 25 Octombrie de la 19:00 la 21:00