Jazzy Dance Nights @ Memento


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Say NO! to recurrent Saturdays

You are fed up with bad electronic music, you're bored listening the same plastic beats over and over again, you are getting tired just thinking of what u are suppose to do every saturday night. So every time you go out, it seems like wasted time. And on top of everything, you see the same images week end after week end.

But now you have a choice. Now you can just say no to all recurrent saturdays. The music will be different. The visuals will make you feel different.

You will never forget this experience!

Come to Memento at 22:00, you will party surrounded by the sounds of Jack-percution, Robert-sax, Cata & AWD HOUSE and Minoo's unique visuals.

Everything changes, choices are changing too… Choose to be here… 'Cause difference matters!

Adress: Str. Sepcari nr 16, vis-à-vis Cocor

Tel: (+40) 722 35 11 83 Dress Code: Vintage