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Smallman looked into the morning. His eyes, wise in some childlike way, caressed calmly the outlines of the horizon and the pale radiance of the labyrinth's entrance. The one waiting has started that was going to bring the new beginning.


SMALLMAN (Folk/Progressive/Sludge Metal)

Flesh Rodeo is a romanian alternative metal band formed in 2008 by the two guitarists Alex Zamfir and Andrei Bratu. The band started playing small venues in march 2011 when the line-up was completed with Bogdan Horodnic on drums, Teo Antim on bass and Radu Ursoiu on vocals. In june 2012 Adrian Iosif replaced Teo Antim on bass.

They played over 60 shows, opening for bands like Karma to Burn, White Walls, Coma, Implant pentru Refuz. They played twice at the known eastern european festival B'estFest in 2012 and 2013 and once at Rockstad Extreme Fest 2014.

In october 2013 they released their first album called "Tellurium-128" with producer and engineer Marius Costache (Coma, Lake of Tears, White Walls, Travka, Lucia). The album was released as a DIY cd and can be heard entirely on their bandcamp site (http://fleshrodeo.bandcamp.com/).


Flesh Rodeo (Alternative/metal)

Tragic band was founded in 2007, the members are Alexandru Ungureanu (voice), Octavian Trica (guitar), Adrian Iosif (bass), Augustin Pitica (drums). In the first 3-4 years, the band worked hard in search of a musical identity different from what is happening at the moment on the Romanian rock/metal scene, with little opportunities to perform in Bucharest and also in the country. The band truly integrated in the Romanian underground scene at the beginning of 2010 within a final and knit formula and an intense concert activity in Bucharest, honoring each invitation coming from the cournty and abroad at 3 open air festivals in Bulgaria. Tragic approaches a combination of alternative psychedelic stoner metal but a more simple and concrete description would be tragic metal.


Tragic (Metal Psyhedelic Alternative)

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